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About the Winery

Just a short, 30-minute drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is a wine lovers’ paradise in the heart of the verdant and rich nature known as “The Tuscany of Israel” – lies Barkan Winery visitors center. The winery, the largest in Israel, was founded in the late 19th century and has been following the same principle: quality grapes. Throughout the years, quality varieties were imported and planted in the thousands of acres of the winery's vineyards, each variety planted in the most suitable growing region for it to flourish.

The wide vineyard layout yields an assortment of quality grapes and enables the best overview of the Israeli terroir.


Barkan’s impressive and prestigious visitors center was built in Kibbutz Hulda in 2000. 500 acres of vineyards of different grape varieties, immediately enveloping you in wonderful sights, smells and sounds – offering an experience like no other.


Barkan Winery is equipped with the world’s most advanced means of production aiming to minimize our environmental impact.

Thanks to the huge variety of grape varieties and growing areas, supervision by award-winning and world-renowned professionals, advanced fermentation methods and 6,000 oak barrels, Barkan Winery is truly a “wine lovers' paradise".


And the result? A quality, unique, delicious, Israeli wine.

It is not without reason that Barkan Winery is the most highly decorated Israeli winery in international wine competitions. Over the years, the winery won over 500 medals in prestigious wine competitions.

Wine Tours and Experience

Join us on a unique journey where you will get closely acquainted with the wine world – its history, color, hue and the unique aroma that characterizes it. It is a true all-sensory experience, from vineyard to bottle.


Together, we will tour the vineyards, learn about the fascinating production process and, most importantly – we will learn how to taste, smell and appreciate a wine correctly.


At Barkan's large and impressive visitors center, you can choose from a variety of tours to suit the different levels and diverse interests of each guest.


During the tour, which begins with a film projected onto a 180° screen, we will learn about the winemaking process in the Land of Israel.

From there, we will go on to Israel’s largest barrel hall, boasting over 6,000 barrels, and then we will continue to an observation point overlooking the winery’s green and enchanting vineyards.


After ~75 minutes, we will end the tour with a guided wine tasting session of 4 different types of wines and together, we will learn how to properly sample, smell and taste the wine.

לסיור ביקב

Taste of the Land & Guided Tasting A guided tasting experience during which you will learn how to properly sample, smell and taste the wine.


Premium Tasting | 4 wines (Reserve Gold, Platinum, Free Run and Assemblage)

40 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

95 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and dips)

Special Tastings | Tastings that examine the effect of the terroir on the wine – Several wines made of special and rare local varieties

70 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

115 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and dips)

תמונה של עבודות בכרם
שולחן ועליו מונח בקבוק יין, כוס ואשכול ענבים

Special Tasting | Guided tasting of wines available only on our premises

 Special tastings for those who love new and unconventional flavors, seeking to study the terroir’s effect on the wine and how to adapt the most suitable variety for each growing area.


Among the tastings we offer - Terroir tasting to learn how it affects the wine and compare different wines from different altitudes/ regions and how they affect the wine.

Local variety tasting- Unique local varieties, some of which are ancient - that have been growing here for centuries and millennia.

Wines that are part of the history of the Land of Israel and which have evolved, acclimatized and adapted to the local weather and soil.

Beta wine tasting - Tasting a “quasi-underground” series, in limited quantities, intended for innovative and adventurous wine consumers who want to experience varieties and wines that part from the mainstream towards the a new realm of personal creation.


70 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

115 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and


Land of Israel Experience | A group tour offering tastings of a variety of premium wines

3-10 people

85 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

130 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and dips)

10+ people

60 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

105 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and dips)

Fridays (Group)

60 NIS per person (excluding a cheese platter)

105 NIS per person (including a cheese platter, breads and dips

זוג כוסות יין
שולחן בר ועליו פלטת גבינות, כוסות יין ובקבוקים

An Israeli Love Story | VIP Tour for Two (Sundays-Thursdays)

A romantic experience at the winery, including a private tour with a guide, tastings of a variety of the winery's wines and a cheese platter, breads and dips.


270 NIS per couple (excluding a cheese platter)

350NIS per couple (including a cheese platter, breads and dips)

צור קשר

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